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CABIN GRUB is an, ad-free recipe based magazine that cracks the code on regional lo​cal foods and ways of eating. We offer up truly authentic, delicious and RELIABLE RECIPES in the easiest format to make them, so you can...  

Fly in/ ​out of the 

kitchen in no tim​e!

Cabin Grub
Cabin Grub
forest inspired com...
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issue No. 1

Forest Inspired Comfort Food

Recipes for coniferous, deciduous, boreal & surrounding regions.

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Reliable Recipes

CABIN GRUB collaborated with THE RECIPE LAB to mak​e reading these recipes, & cooking the​m, so-o easy! All recipes were tested sev​e​ral times, reworked and simplified. 

Making sure you can hold in your hands, RELIABLE recipes is our priority! 

Make Authentic Regional Foods

Forest foraging; farm stand shopping; growing your own garden(and/or buying/ trading locally); sprouting and fermentation all contribute to more sustainable ways to feed ourselves and run our local econo-mies. CABIN GRUB takes thematic deep dives into the history, ingred-ients, processes and traditional recipes/ meals that are region relevant. Our unique recipe format makes understanding regional eating; logical, easy and delicious.

" Untested online recipes, lengthy vintage recipe formats and the flood of​ overly processed foods into the marketplace has created a lot of kitchen confusion. What we really need is to simply connect to our local ingredients/ seasonal recipes and food preservation methods to better feed ourselves. I created this cook'zine to amplify some great, regional food traditions while taking the excessive time / stress out of the current day kitchen. So stop scrolling! Get yourself some Cabin Grub!"

Suzi Jensen

CABIN GRUB (founder, author, editor)

 Long-Time Cook/ Forest dweller (forager)

Disclaimer: CABIN GRUB is in no way liable for any injuries or damages that may occur as a result of the information derived in our publications or on through any of our promotional materials. We encourage sustainable harvesting and usage for any/ all of the ingredients listed therein and always advocate consultation with knowledgeable regional experts before harvesting/ ingesting any wild plant.  We remind all to fully educate, insistently warn and supervise children so that they may gain this important knowledge and not misidentify and/or take risks with any plant.