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issue No. 1

Forest Inspired Comfort Food

(Recipes for Boreal, Coniferous, Deciduous & surrounding regions)

This issue of CABIN GRUB teams up some easy-to-identify wild edibles in Canada, with other regional ingredients to make delicious, easy,​ forest-inspired comfort food. A Quebec forest dweller/ long time cook gives her tips for responsible foraging and the wildly rustic recipes that nourish her Val-des-Monts hill peeps. This cook- 'zine is ad-free and contains over 45 tested re​cipes with innumerable suggestions /  flavour combinations to create local favorites in coniferous, deciduous, boreal and surrounding areas.  Bon apetit!


Knotweed/ Pear Crisp w 

g​ing​er & toasted hazelnuts

Fiddlehead Forest Fry

Conifer tip ​vinegar

Bannock (woodstove, skillet & campfire versions)

Shrubs & Sum​ac-ade

Crispy Duck

Artisanal Beer Bread

Leafy Green Squares

Coming soon ...

In our upcoming FOOD PREPS issue, we focus on northern cabin food preps that keep very well on pantry shelves and inside freezers!  From newbie pantry builders to hard core preppers , this dream reference guide for your favorite staple pantry/ freezer recipes, is straight from forest & farm dwellers' experience/ knowledge to help you get yourself & your loved ones through any deep winter or SHTF (hard times​) .

*  Preserving  *  Dehydrating  * Freezer - friendly soups & meals for winter  * Pantry mixes * Food Security  *  

issue No. 2 

Food Preps 

(for when the north winds blow)